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Crystal Tumble Stones - Opalite

Crystal Tumble Stones - Opalite

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Crystal Tumble Stones - Opalite

Opalite - Youthful optimism, Playfulness , Resilience

Explore Opalite Tumble Stones: Radiant and Iridescent Crystal Marvels

Discover the allure of Opalite, a man-made crystal crafted to replicate the captivating essence of natural opal—the precious October birthstone born from volcanic ash. Typically, Opalite is a fusion of glass and metal, sometimes complemented by plastic resin and various components.

While it's most commonly recognized for its opalescent, pearl-blue appearance, Opalite dazzles in an array of colors. What truly sets Opalite apart is its exquisite play-of-color, generating a luminous illusion akin to phosphorescence. Interestingly, Opalite often outshines natural opal in brilliance.

Initially associated with a specific type of natural opal, the term "opalite" has evolved to represent this synthetic crystal since the 1980s. Other monikers frequently used for Opalite include common opal, purple opal, opalite crystal, ice-cream stone, and opalised fluorite.

Delve into the world of Opalite tumble stones and embrace their captivating radiance and iridescence. These stunning crystal marvels promise to add a touch of enchantment to your collection. Explore our Opalite selection and experience the magic for yourself.

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20 - 25mm in size

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