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Holographic Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Holographic Rider Waite Tarot Deck

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Holographic Rider Waite Tarot Deck

105mm x 62mm

78 Cards

Compact Size

Welcome to a world where tradition meets modern enchantment—the Holographic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Immerse yourself in the magic of tarot with this unique rendition of the classic Rider-Waite deck, now adorned with mesmerizing holographic elements.

Key Features:

  1. Dimensions:

    • Card Size: 105mm x 62mm
    • Compact and travel-friendly, making it easy to carry the magic wherever you go.
  2. Card Count:

    • 78 Cards in Total
      • 22 Major Arcana
      • 56 Minor Arcana
  3. Holographic Elegance:

    • Experience the timeless symbolism of the Rider-Waite tarot deck with a contemporary twist.
    • Each card is adorned with stunning holographic details, adding a touch of mystery and allure to your readings.
  4. Classic Roots, Modern Charm:

    • The Holographic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck pays homage to the traditional Rider-Waite deck, known for its rich symbolism and deep insights.
    • A perfect fusion of classic wisdom and modern aesthetics.
  5. Compact Size:

    • Designed for convenience, this deck is easy to shuffle and handle.
    • Ideal for both seasoned tarot readers and those new to the mystical world of divination.
  6. A Timeless Journey:

    • Delve into the wisdom of the Major Arcana and explore the nuances of the Minor Arcana with holographic enhancements that bring each card to life.
    • Let the holographic elements spark your intuition and guide you on a journey of self-discovery.
  7. Collector's Delight:

    • Perfect for tarot enthusiasts and collectors alike, the Holographic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck is a unique addition to any collection.
    • Stand out in your tarot readings with a deck that combines tradition and innovation.                                                                                                    No Guidebook is provided with this mini deck, you must scan the QR code to view online.


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