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Magic of I 2023 Astrological Planner

Magic of I 2023 Astrological Planner

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Magic of I 2023 Astrological Planner

A5 size (210x148mm / 8.3x5.8")
280 pages
Holographic gold foil cover
Lush silk touch vegan leather cover
Full color end pages
Printed on 110gsm FSC sustainable paper
Holographic gold gilded edges
2 ribbon placeholders
Elastic cover band
Inside back pocket

Discover the boundless universe within the 2023 Astrological Planner, where celestial wonders become accessible at your fingertips. This extraordinary tool empowers you to weave enchantment and embrace cosmic harmony. With the guidance of planetary alignments and lunar cycles, you will remain rooted in an appreciation for the earthly realm.

Introducing the Astro-Mycology edition, drawing inspiration from the extraordinary realm of Fungi—the Earth's own constellations and nature's alchemical marvels. Delve into the healing virtues of these extraordinary organisms through an enlightening 8-page guide. Embark on an exploration of uncharted terrain, revealing the intriguing connections between fungi and astrology. Experience the fusion of medicinal mushrooms with astrological signs and planets in Astro-Mycology: Fungi + the Heavens.

Owning this planner does not require prior astrological knowledge, as it caters to beginners and advanced astrologers alike. It extends its benefits to anyone captivated by the moon's allure and the rhythms of nature's cycles. By following the energies of each day and acknowledging the elemental forces that shape our existence, you will gradually attune to the moon and planetary influences. The planner serves as an exceptional teaching aid, fostering a profound connection through experiential learning—from heartfelt embodiment to intellectual exploration. Its potential is as vast as your imagination, as it encompasses myriad layers of understanding.

This is not merely a conventional planner; it is a personal odyssey—a portal for profound connection and an oracle of the moon and stars.


Enhance your learning experience with these captivating features:

  1. Astro-Mycology: Fungi and the Heavens - Discover the extraordinary realm where medicinal mushrooms, zodiac signs, and planets converge. Unveil the therapeutic benefits, modern applications, and insightful pairing notes.

  2. The Moon and its Phases - Explore the intricate journey of the moon through its birth and death phases, deepening your understanding of its profound influence.

  3. Working with the Elements of the Moon - Unveil a comprehensive guide to the signs and elements associated with the moon, unlocking their significance and practical applications.

  4. Moon Planting Guide - Harness the moon's wisdom as you delve into a reference chart on opportune times for planting and gardening aligned with lunar cycles.

  5. Menstrual Cycle Guide and Tracking - Empower yourself with knowledge about the ebbs and flows of your menstrual cycle, and discover how to harness its innate power.

  6. Comprehensive Astrological Reference Guide - Unlock a treasure trove of astrology-related information conveniently at your fingertips, offering a deep dive into this celestial art.

  7. Astro Bodies - Expand your understanding of astrological bodies, including signs, planets, organ systems, meridians, and more, facilitating a holistic comprehension of their interconnectedness.

  8. Planetary Correspondences - Navigate the intricate web of interconnections between days, organs, archetypes, minerals, and more, enhancing your astrological insights.

  9. Decan Tarot Wheel - Immerse yourself in a fully illustrated decan and tarot wheel, offering a wealth of information and insights to enrich your astrological journey.

  10. Astro Codes - Engage your visual senses as each month's sign is accompanied by its unique astro code and corresponding tarot suit, expertly deciphered through the Decan Tarot Wheel.

  11. Planetary Days + Hours - Unlock deep and magical portals by utilizing the power of planetary hours and days, leveraging this valuable reference to enhance your spiritual practices.

  12. Astro-Mycology + Botanical Illustrations and Reference Guide - Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of fungi and botanicals associated with each sign, conveniently compiled in a single resource, inviting you to explore their layers at your own pace.

With these enriching features, your learning journey will be elevated as you delve into the captivating realms of astrology, fungi, and their interconnected wisdom.


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