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Sacred Rebel Journal - Alana Fairchild

Sacred Rebel Journal - Alana Fairchild

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Sacred Rebel Journal - Alana Fairchild

Welcome to the Sacred Rebel Journal, a sacred space designed for the authentic you. Crafted by the renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author, Alana Fairchild, this deluxe book/journal is a sanctuary for the Sacred Rebel within. Immerse yourself in the beauty of 44 full-page color art reproductions by the talented Autumn Skye Morrison, creating a visually stunning experience.

In the embrace of Alana's divinely inspired musings and teachings woven throughout the journal, discover the freedom to be your true self with all the intricacies and quirks that make you uniquely you. This sacred space encourages you to revel in your individuality, recognizing that there is no one quite like you on this planet.

As you navigate the pages of the Sacred Rebel Journal, Alana guides you to express your authenticity and commit to your dreams with purposeful, passionate action. Through a journey of self-exploration, kick off a process of divine alchemy, allowing the healing genius of the Universe to unfold.

This transformative journal features five guided creativity and healing processes crafted by Alana herself. Trust in the universe and divine timing, reclaim your power, unlock your creativity, and unleash your wild divine beauty as you explore the lined and unlined pages of this 220-page masterpiece.

Elevate your journaling experience with cream-colored premium quality wood-free paper, providing the perfect canvas for your writing, doodling, painting, or drawing. The Sacred Rebel Journal is more than a book; it's a companion on your path to self-discovery and expression. Embrace the journey within and let the sacred rebel in you flourish.

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