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Witchcraft : A Modern Guide - Alestrel Evergreen

Witchcraft : A Modern Guide - Alestrel Evergreen

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Witchcraft : A Modern Guide - Alestrel Evergreen

ISBN: 1922539228

Publication Date: March 2022

Binding: Paperback

Categories: Esoteric, Witchcraft, Magic, Paganism, Spirituality

Discover the ancient and revered Craft of the Wise as you embark on an exciting journey through the realms of modern and traditional witchcraft. "Witchcraft: A Modern Guide" offers a wealth of knowledge and insights into the practices of wise women and individuals of any gender, providing a deep connection to the natural rhythms of Mother Earth and empowering you to work your own magic.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Craft, guided by the Wheel of the Year. From the awakening of spring during the Imbolc sabbat to the solstice of midwinter and the joyous Yule sabbat, this book follows the cyclical nature of the seasons, mirroring ancient traditions and offering both modern and traditional approaches to witchcraft.

"What is Witchcraft?" covers the essential foundations, including common deities, sacred spaces, traditional tools, and the festivals that mark the Wheel of the Year. Learn about the rules that ensure safety and harmony as you embrace the Craft.

"Practising Witchcraft" serves as your personal guide, providing practical advice on incorporating witchcraft into your daily life. Discover how to live in harmony with others and the Earth, harnessing the power of the Craft to empower and energize yourself while respecting the interconnectedness of all beings.

"Your Witchcraft Year" offers creative ways to weave celebrations into your life, infusing them with vitality and inspiration. Learn how to work your own magic, drawing from ancient lore with a modern twist, and establish a deep connection to the Earth and its cycles through rituals and celebrations.

"Witchcraft: A Modern Guide" is an invitation to explore, expand, and experiment, making the Craft your own. With Evergreen Alestrel as your trusted companion, embark on a transformative journey into the world of witchcraft and unlock the secrets of this ancient wisdom.

Embrace the power of the Craft, grounded in both tradition and modernity and step into a world where magic and spirituality intertwine harmoniously.`

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