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Broken B*tch Tarot Deck

Broken B*tch Tarot Deck

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Broken B*tch Tarot Deck

105mm x 62mm

78 Cards

Compact Size

Discover the raw and unapologetic energy of the Broken B*tch Tarot Deck. This deck challenges traditional tarot imagery, offering a unique and empowering perspective on personal growth and resilience.

Key Features:

  • Deck Size: 105mm x 62mm
  • Card Count: 78 cards
  • Size: Compact, ideal for easy handling and travel

Explore a New Narrative:

Step into a world where strength arises from life's challenges. The Broken B*tch Tarot Deck redefines the traditional tarot experience, infusing each card with a bold narrative of transformation, empowerment, and embracing imperfections.

Deck Size and Portability:

Measuring at 105mm x 62mm, this deck boasts a compact size that fits perfectly in your hands and is convenient for on-the-go readings. Take it wherever you go and let the cards guide you through life's ups and downs.

Uncover the raw, authentic energy within and let the Broken B*tch Tarot Deck help you navigate the complexities of life with resilience and determination.

Guidebook Access:

Please note that this mini oracle deck does not include a physical guidebook. Instead, a QR code is provided, allowing you to access the guidebook online. Simply scan the QR code to unlock the deck's interpretations.


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