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Crystal Jewellery - Shungite Cell Phone Sticker

Crystal Jewellery - Shungite Cell Phone Sticker

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Shungite Cell Phone Sticker

Shungite- Grounding, EMF Protection, Water Purification

Price is for One Sticker. 

To help fight EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) keep a piece of Shungite on the back of your mobile phone for protection. 

 Shungite cell phone stickers are an excellent way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile devices. Shungite is a unique mineral that has been scientifically proven to absorb and neutralize electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from electronic devices, including cell phones. Applying a Shungite sticker to your cell phone can help reduce the negative impact of EMFs on your health and well-being. In addition to EMF protection, Shungite has other benefits as well, such as boosting your energy levels, strengthening your immune system, and helping to detoxify your body from harmful substances. Overall, using a Shungite cell phone sticker is an easy and effective way to take care of your health and protect yourself from the potential dangers of EMFs.

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