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Polished Crystal Shape - Rose Quartz Pyramid 3.5cm

Polished Crystal Shape - Rose Quartz Pyramid 3.5cm

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Rose Quartz Pyramid 3.5cm

Rose Quartz -  Unconditional love, Self-love, Friendship,  Romantic love.

Great for bringing trust and love into a relationship - Drawing a closer bond.


Crystal Pyramids offer a lot of amazing benefits. Ancient Egypt is known for its pyramids, which are sacred geometrical shapes that collect energy from the universe and is channeled through the point (apex) and towards the earth. They produce a powerful energy vortex. They are great for emotional healing, meditation and concentration, treating illness, and aiding in spiritual healing.

How can crystal pyramids be used?

Place it in your palm while you meditate

Place around your home to enhance Feng Shui

Place at work to get tasks done

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