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Crystal Clusters & Chunks - Pyrite Cluster Small

Crystal Clusters & Chunks - Pyrite Cluster Small

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Crystal Clusters & Chunks - Pyrite Cluster Small

Pyrite - manifesting abundance, protective, increasing self-worth.

Measurements Roughly 40mm W - 30mm H

Price is Per Item

Pyrite, also known as Fool's Gold, is a beautiful crystal that has a range of benefits and uses. Here are a few:

- Manifestation: Pyrite is believed to be a powerful manifestation tool, helping to bring abundance and prosperity into one's life.

- Protection: It is thought to provide protection from negative energies and promote a sense of grounding and stability.

- Creativity: Pyrite is said to stimulate creativity and inspiration, making it a great choice for artists and writers.

- Self-confidence: Pyrite is believed to help boost self-confidence and promote a sense of self-worth, making it a great choice for those struggling with self-esteem issues.

- Mental clarity: It is thought to enhance mental clarity and focus, helping individuals to stay on task and make clear decisions.

- Physical healing: Pyrite is believed to aid in the healing of the respiratory system, as well as helping to alleviate symptoms related to inflammation and pain.

Overall, Pyrite is a powerful crystal that can be a valuable tool for those seeking abundance, protection, and creative inspiration. It is also believed to promote self-confidence and mental clarity, as well as aiding in physical healing.

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