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Crystal Heart - Shungite

Crystal Heart - Shungite

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Crystal Heart - Shungite

Shungite- Grounding, EMF Protection, Water Purification

To help fight EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) keep a piece of Shungite near electronic and electrical devices, microwaves, WI-FI routers, computers and laptops.

Wear as earrings or a bracelet, stick to the back of your phone or simply keep a piece in your pocket for protection.

Uses And Benefits

Use during meditation for field protection around you.rough

They make an ideal gift for someone you love and care for.

Heart-shaped crystals are a reminder that you are always surrounded by eternal love. They help you to attract loving energy from others but also allow you to cultivate the love from within yourself.

Size : 3cm W x 2.5cm H x 1.5cm D

Item price is per Heart.


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