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Crystal Jewellery - Caribbean Calcite 8mm Bead Bracelet

Crystal Jewellery - Caribbean Calcite 8mm Bead Bracelet

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Crystal Jewellery - Caribbean Calcite 8mm Bead Bracelet

Caribbean Calcite - Decreases anxiety, Calmness, Elevated consciousness.

Dive into a world of tranquility with our Caribbean Calcite 8mm Bead Bracelet. Each bracelet is an exquisite blend of style and crystal energy, featuring genuine Caribbean Calcite stones known for their ability to decrease anxiety, promote calmness, and elevate consciousness. Elevate your look and experience serenity with these beautifully crafted bracelets.


  1. Ocean-Inspired Beauty: Our Caribbean Calcite 8mm Bead Bracelets capture the essence of the sea with their soothing blue hues. The 8mm bead size adds a touch of elegance, making these bracelets a versatile accessory for any occasion.

  2. Anxiety Reduction: Caribbean Calcite is renowned for its anxiety-reducing properties. Wear this bracelet as a daily companion to soothe your mind and promote a sense of calmness, even in the midst of life's challenges.

  3. Calmness Infusion: Immerse yourself in the calming energy of Caribbean Calcite. The bracelet serves as a reminder to slow down, breathe, and embrace moments of tranquility in your day-to-day life.

  4. Elevated Consciousness: Caribbean Calcite is believed to enhance consciousness and spiritual awareness. Adorn yourself with this bracelet to elevate your consciousness and foster a deeper connection with your inner self.

Benefits of Caribbean Calcite:

  • Decreases Anxiety: Experience a reduction in anxiety and stress with the calming influence of Caribbean Calcite.

  • Calmness: Embrace a sense of tranquility and calmness, promoting a peaceful state of mind.

  • Elevated Consciousness: Connect with higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness through the energy of Caribbean Calcite.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the vibrancy and energy of your Caribbean Calcite 8mm Bead Bracelet, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme conditions. Cleanse it gently using a soft cloth or let it absorb the soothing energy of moonlight.

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