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Crystal Jewellery - Selenite 8mm Bead Bracelet

Crystal Jewellery - Selenite 8mm Bead Bracelet

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Crystal Jewellery - Selenite 8mm Bead Bracelet


Selenite - purification, clarity, consciousness

Indulge in the ethereal beauty and healing energy of our Selenite 8mm Bead Bracelet collection. Each bracelet is crafted with precision, featuring genuine 8mm Selenite beads known for their powerful properties of purification, clarity, and elevated consciousness. Immerse yourself in the gentle yet transformative energy of Selenite with these beautifully curated bracelets.


  1. Purification and Cleansing: Selenite is renowned for its purifying properties, helping to cleanse the energy around you and within. Wear this bracelet as a symbolic shield against negativity, promoting a purified and harmonious aura.

  2. Clarity of Mind: Experience mental clarity and enhanced focus with the soothing energy of Selenite. Let the 8mm beads guide you towards a state of mental calmness, making this bracelet a perfect companion for mindfulness and meditation.

  3. Consciousness Elevation: Elevate your spiritual awareness with Selenite's unique ability to heighten consciousness. This bracelet serves as a conduit for connecting with higher realms and expanding your spiritual journey.

  4. Versatile Elegance: The 8mm bead size adds a touch of elegance, making these bracelets versatile enough to complement both casual and sophisticated looks. Elevate your style while embracing the positive energy of Selenite.

Benefits of Selenite:

  • Purification: Cleanse and purify your surroundings, promoting a sense of tranquility and positive energy.

  • Clarity: Enhance mental clarity and focus, fostering a calm and centered mindset in your daily life.

  • Consciousness: Connect with elevated states of consciousness, deepening your spiritual journey and self-awareness.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the vibrancy and energy of your Selenite 8mm Bead Bracelet, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme conditions. Cleanse it gently using a soft cloth or let it absorb the soothing energy of moonlight.


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