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Crystal Jewellery - Variscite 8mm Bead Bracelet

Crystal Jewellery - Variscite 8mm Bead Bracelet

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Crystal Jewellery - Variscite 8mm Bead Bracelet

Variscite - Empowerment, inner peace, clarity of the mind.


Discover the serene beauty of our Variscite 8mm Bead Bracelet collection, where elegance meets the power of crystal energy. Crafted with care and adorned with genuine Variscite stones, each bracelet is a testament to empowerment, inner peace, and clarity of the mind. Elevate your style while embracing the soothing and transformative properties of Variscite.


  1. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Our Variscite 8mm Bead Bracelets are expertly crafted to capture the essence of tranquility. The 8mm bead size adds a touch of delicacy to the bracelet, creating a perfect balance between style and spiritual significance.

  2. Genuine Variscite Stones: Immerse yourself in the calming hues of Variscite, known for its association with empowerment, inner peace, and mental clarity. Each bead is carefully selected for its unique patterns and calming energy.

  3. Empowerment and Clarity: Variscite is celebrated for promoting empowerment, fostering inner peace, and bringing clarity to the mind. Wear this bracelet as a daily reminder to embrace a harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

  4. Comfortable and Stylish: The elastic stretch cord ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate the Variscite bracelet into your everyday style. It's a versatile accessory that complements various outfits with ease.

Benefits of Variscite:

  • Empowerment: Channel the energy of Variscite to empower yourself, encouraging strength and resilience in the face of challenges.

  • Inner Peace: Experience a sense of tranquility and inner calm, creating a peaceful sanctuary within yourself.

  • Clarity of the Mind: Enhance mental clarity and focus, promoting a clear and positive mindset in your daily life.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the beauty and energy of your Variscite 8mm Bead Bracelet, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme conditions. Cleanse it gently using a soft cloth or let it absorb the serene energy of moonlight.

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