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Crystal Muse - Heather Askinosie & Timmi Jandro

Crystal Muse - Heather Askinosie & Timmi Jandro

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Crystal Muse - Heather Askinosie & Timmi Jandro


Crystal Muse is a guide that delves into how one can transform life's challenges into opportunities for personal growth by using the right crystals and mindset. This book provides invaluable knowledge on how to connect with crystals and empower one's life. It offers a step-by-step guide to set transformational intentions that can help you in different aspects of your life, such as attracting love, relieving anxiety, becoming more prosperous, crystallizing breakthroughs, and consciously conceiving a new life.

Furthermore, the guide provides insights on practices such as cutting unhealthy energy cords, getting rid of insomnia, cultivating a connection with your creative spirit, aligning with the energy of the moon, grounding yourself with the energy of the earth, and finding the temple within.

All of these practices are backed by over 25 years of rigorous research, world travel, and spiritual quests by the renowned holistic healer and crystal expert, Heather Askinosie. Heather and her business partner, Timmi Jandro, have been offering insights into crystals through their crystal healing business, Energy Muse, for over two decades. The book is full of personal stories of the authors' journey toward alternative practices and how these remedies can work for the reader's life too.

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