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Crystal Point - Double Terminated Clear Quartz 5.5 - 6cm

Crystal Point - Double Terminated Clear Quartz 5.5 - 6cm

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Crystal Point - Double Terminated Quartz 5.5 - 6cm

Clear Quartz - Healing, Clarity, Energy.

Clear Quarts is a powerful energy amplifier, it can amplify the energy of other crystals when placed together.

Double Terminated Crystals are able to transmit and receive energy from both terminations and are a representation of the balance in which our bodies need to give and receive energy.

Hold your double-terminated crystal in the palm of your hands and set your intentions.

Place in a crystal grid to facilitate the movement of energy.

Use while meditating to achieve a deep meditative state.

Hold on to your body to facilitate balance and allow the flow of energy within the body.

Place around your home to add energy to a particular space.

Place it around your office space or on top of your business card to bring in success and abundance.

Between 500mm to 600mm

Item price is per Point.

The actual product may vary in shape, colour, weight, and pattern, the product images shown are examples of the product range and may not be an exact representation of the product. 


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