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Crystal Point - Malachite with Chrysocolla Specimen

Crystal Point - Malachite with Chrysocolla Specimen

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 Crystal Point - Malachite with Chrysocolla Specimen

Malachite with Chrysocolla Crystal Point: Embrace Emotional Healing and Self-Confidence

Discover the transformative qualities of Malachite and Chrysocolla, a powerful duo known for releasing past trauma and nurturing self-confidence. Please note that this gem is highly sensitive to water, so it's best to keep it dry.

Crystal points are a popular choice for intention-setting and manifesting desires. Here's how you can make the most of your crystal point:

  • Hold it in your palm and set your intention.
  • Place it at the center of your crystal grid.
  • Enhance your meditation with its energy.
  • Write your intentions on paper and position the crystal point on top to send your wishes into the universe.
  • Use it to infuse energy into your home or workspace.
  • You can also place it on your business card or in your office space for attracting success and abundance.

Size: Approximately 500mm W x 600mm H x 450mm D

Please note that the item price is per point. Elevate your intentions and energy with this exquisite Malachite and Chrysocolla Crystal Point.

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