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Crystal Tumble Stones - Fluorite

Crystal Tumble Stones - Fluorite

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Crystal Tumble Stones - Fluorite

Fluorite - Concentration, Self-confidence, Intellect.

Unveil the power of concentration, self-confidence, and intellect with our Fluorite Crystal Tumble Stones. Each stone is carefully tumbled to perfection, making it more than just a beautiful crystal—it's a symbol of focus, self-assurance, and mental clarity.

Key Features:

  • Crystal Type: Fluorite
  • Size: Varies (approximately 1-2 inches)
  • Finish: Tumbled and polished


Fluorite is a mesmerizing crystal known for its various colors and captivating patterns. Each tumbled stone is meticulously handpicked, showcasing the natural beauty and unique characteristics that make Fluorite so intriguing. Whether you're a crystal enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of crystals, these Fluorite Crystal Tumble Stones are a wonderful addition to your collection.

Fluorite Energies:

  • Concentration: Fluorite is associated with enhancing concentration, making it a powerful tool for focusing the mind and improving productivity.
  • Self-Confidence: It is believed to boost self-confidence and encourage a positive self-image, helping you take on challenges with courage.
  • Intellect: Fluorite is known to stimulate intellectual abilities and enhance learning, making it a valuable stone for students and professionals.


  • Meditation: Hold these tumbled stones during meditation to enhance mental clarity and deepen your concentration practice.
  • Decorative: Display them in your living space, office, or study area to infuse the surroundings with the energies of focus and intellect.
  • Gift: Share the beauty and energy of Fluorite with loved ones as a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the natural beauty of your Fluorite Crystal Tumble Stones, simply wipe them clean with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and prolonged sunlight.

Embrace the stimulating and empowering energies of Fluorite with our carefully tumbled crystal stones. Each stone is unique, offering its own blend of focus, self-assurance, and mental clarity.


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