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Medium Orgonite Pyramid 12cm in Height - Labradorite

Medium Orgonite Pyramid 12cm in Height - Labradorite

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Medium Orgonite Pyramid 12cm in Height - Labradorite - Handmade.

Labradorite - communication with higher guides, chakra balancing, calms an overactive mind, brings forgotten memories to the light.

Orgonite is crafted by layering clear resin (similar to fiberglass or urethane), metals (such as copper or brass), and organic materials (like crystals and shells). This unique composition allows for the channeling of Chi or Prana, the vital energy found throughout nature and within all living things. Infused with crystals, orgone pyramids are capable of amplifying their inherent healing properties. The beauty of orgonite lies in its constant harmonization with the life force energy that surrounds us, making recharging unnecessary.

Uses And Benefits

Place near you as you sleep for a peaceful sleep and lucid dreaming.

Utilize orgonite during meditation to allow for a deeper level of mindfulness and mental clarity.

Spread around your home and workspace to create a positive environment of harmony and balance.

Balances the chakras for an improved free flow of energy.

Protects you from harmful wifi and EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and rebalances your energy and mood.

Protects you from 5G and above.

Place around your food and in the fridge to keep foods fresher for longer.

Place near your plants and watch them thrive.

Keep your pets happy and anxiety free.

Aligns your auric fields for healing.

Brief History

In the 1930s, Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst, conducted the initial experiments that led to the creation of orgone accumulators. He used these devices to treat clients by charging up their bodies with what he called "orgone energy," a life force that he believed circulated around us in the atmosphere. Reich claimed that concentrated forms of orgone energy could benefit general and mental health, radiation sickness, and other minor ailments.

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