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Polished Crystal - Selenite Bowl 10 cm

Polished Crystal - Selenite Bowl 10 cm

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Selenite Bowl - 10 cm 

Selenite -  purification, clarity, consciousness.

A great way to look after your crystals, especially after you purchase them is to cleanse them as crystals can absorb energies from the environment around them, and it's best to clear this to avoid unwanted energies in your energetic field and environment.

An important property of selenite is that us amplifies and purifies the energy of other crystals and because it naturally transmutes negative energy, selenite doesn't need to be cleaned.

Place your crystals in the selenite bowl for a few hours, a great ritual is to take off your jewelry at the end of the day and place them in the bowl for clearing.

They also look amazing around the home aesthetically.


258g Weight

10cm W 4cm H Size

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