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Polished Crystal Shape - Caribbean Calcite and Aragonite Slab

Polished Crystal Shape - Caribbean Calcite and Aragonite Slab

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Caribbean Calcite and Aragonite Slab

Caribbean Calcite - Decreases anxiety, Calmness, Elevated consciousness.

Weight 130g

H 02cm W 7.8cm D 0.8cm


One of the most significant healing properties of Caribbean calcite is its ability to alleviate anxiety and stress.

This crystal is known for its calming energy that can relax the mind and promote emotional balance.

It is also believed to help release negative emotions and soothe the nerves, making it an excellent stone for those who suffer from anxiety disorders or chronic stress.

Caribbean calcite is a powerful crystal with remarkable healing properties. It can promote emotional balance, improve communication, support physical healing, and foster creativity and harmony. If you're looking to promote healing and wellness in your life, consider incorporating Caribbean calcite into your spiritual practice.


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