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Polished Crystal Shape - Engraved Selenite Incense Holder

Polished Crystal Shape - Engraved Selenite Incense Holder

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Polished Crystal Shape - Engraved (Tree Of Life) Selenite Incense Holder

Selenite - purification, clarity, consciousness

Experience the pure energy of purification, clarity, and consciousness with our stunning Engraved Selenite Incense Holder. Meticulously polished and thoughtfully engraved, this crystal holder is more than just a functional item—it's a symbol of spiritual cleansing and heightened awareness.

Key Features:

  • Crystal Type: Selenite
  • Weight: 290g
  • Measurements: 1250mm L x 40mm W
  • Finish: Polished with delicate engravings


Crafted from natural Selenite, this incense holder is a captivating piece of art that serves both aesthetic and spiritual purposes. Each holder is hand-polished to perfection, showcasing the natural translucence and glow that Selenite is revered for. The delicate engravings add an extra dimension of beauty and elegance, making it a unique addition to your space.

Selenite Energies:

  • Purification: Selenite is known for its powerful purification properties, making it ideal for cleansing energies and spaces.
  • Clarity: It is believed to enhance mental clarity and promote a sense of inner peace, allowing for a clear perspective and understanding.
  • Consciousness: Selenite is associated with elevating one's consciousness and spiritual growth, making it a valuable tool for meditation and self-reflection.


  • Incense Holder: Place your favorite incense stick in the designated slot and allow the soothing aroma to blend with the calming energy of Selenite.
  • Decorative Piece: Display it in your sacred space, living area, or meditation corner to add a touch of natural beauty and positive energy.
  • Spiritual Practice: Use it during meditation or yoga sessions to enhance your spiritual practice and promote a tranquil atmosphere.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the beauty of your Engraved Selenite Incense Holder, gently wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid exposing it to water or chemicals to preserve its natural qualities.

Embrace the serene and enlightening energies of Selenite with our intricately crafted incense holder. Let the radiant glow and purifying energy of Selenite elevate your spiritual journey.


290g Weight

Measurements - 1250mm L - 40mm W

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