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Polished Crystal - Tigers Eye Polished Bear 4cm

Polished Crystal - Tigers Eye Polished Bear 4cm

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Polished Crystal - Tigers Eye Polished Bear 4cm

Tigers Eye - Clear Thinking, Willpower, Practicality.

4cm x 1.5cm x 2.5cm

Explore the enchanting world of our Tigers Eye Polished Bear, a unique crystal carving that embodies the powerful energies of Tigers Eye. Renowned for its golden hues and captivating chatoyancy, Tigers Eye is not just a stunning gemstone; it is believed to possess metaphysical properties that can enhance various aspects of your life.

  1. Clear Thinking: Tigers Eye is believed to help clear mental fog, enhance focus, and promote clear thinking. It is thought to assist in making decisions with discernment and understanding.

  2. Willpower: Tigers Eye is associated with boosting one's willpower and determination. It is believed to provide the strength needed to overcome challenges and stay focused on goals.

  3. Practicality: The stone is often associated with practical thinking and the ability to approach situations with a grounded and realistic perspective. It is believed to help balance the needs of the mind with those of the body.

Each bear is meticulously crafted, showcasing the unique charm of Tigers Eye.


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