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Tattered Wings Oracle Wild Edition

Tattered Wings Oracle Wild Edition

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Tattered Wings Oracle Wild Edition

105mm x 62mm

58 Cards

Compact Size


The Tattered Wings Oracle Deck consists of a total of 58 cards. Among them, 37 cards serve as a source of inspiration, contemplation, or motivation. Each of these cards contains a message to uplift and guide you. Additionally, these cards include a guided meditation prompt and a mantra, which you can repeat throughout the day to maintain the empowering energies of the message.

Apart from the inspirational cards, there are 13 Ritual Cards. These special cards offer various suggestions, such as exercises, outings, or moments of relaxation with your cherished comfort items. They provide opportunities for rejuvenation and self-care.

Lastly, the deck features 8 intuitive cards. Unlike the others, these cards do not carry specific meanings or messages. Instead, they encourage you to tap into your intuition when interpreting them during card readings. Allow the images, colors, and energies of these cards to speak to you in unique ways each time they appear. You may choose to assign your own meanings or let the interpretation evolve with every encounter, making this deck truly your own and enhancing your intuitive skills in card reading.

No Guidebook is provided with this mini deck, you must scan the QR code to view online.


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