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The Mushroom Hunters Tarot - By Joe Buckley

The Mushroom Hunters Tarot - By Joe Buckley

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The Mushroom Hunter's Tarot Deck and Guidebook

The Mushroom Hunter’s Tarot is a deck of 78 cards centered around fungi, with each card featuring a distinct mushroom. This collection encompasses well-known varieties like the fly agaric and golden chanterelle, as well as lesser-known species such as the fluted bird’s nest and bleeding fairy helmet.

Beyond its appeal to tarot enthusiasts, The Mushroom Hunter’s Tarot is an excellent resource for those seeking to expand their knowledge of mushrooms. The accompanying 100-page guidebook provides both the common and scientific names of each mushroom, along with entertaining facts about them. Consequently, these cards serve as a valuable tool for learning. With continued use, you will gradually become more proficient in identifying each mushroom without needing to consult the guidebook.

The Mushroom Hunter’s Tarot caters to both novice and seasoned tarot readers, offering a deck that is highly accessible and user-friendly. The cards are designed to evoke an intuitive understanding, and as you deepen your knowledge of mushrooms, you will uncover further connections between the mushrooms and their corresponding cards.

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