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The Universe Has Your Back Cards - Gabrielle Bernstein

The Universe Has Your Back Cards - Gabrielle Bernstein

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The Universe Has Your Back Cards - Gabrielle Bernstein

My goal is to awaken as many individuals as possible to the connection between faith and joy. This connection can guide us towards our true purpose - to be love and to spread love. We must move beyond simply sharing these phrases on social media and make them our mission. Our commitment to love is the key to achieving the happiness, safety, and security we desire.

Gabrielle Bernstein has been able to transform her fear into faith through acceptance, surrender, and dedication to her spiritual path. In this card deck, she shares powerful messages from her bestselling book The Universe Has Your Back.

The deck acts as an oracle and a guide to happiness, security, and clear direction. The beautifully illustrated cards by Micaela Ezra offer 52 messages that can help you find strength in times of struggle, synchronicity, support when feeling lost, safety in the face of uncertainty, and joy amidst pain.

Gabrielle wants to remind you that you are always moving in the right direction, there is always hope, and the Universe will provide assistance.

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