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Relationship & Compatibility Video Recording

Relationship & Compatibility Video Recording

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Your Relationship & Compatibility Reading is a 1 hour (up to 1.5hr) personalized video recording (it is not computer software generated)

A Relationship & Compatibility Video Recording Astrology Reading is a personalized astrology reading that focuses on providing insights into your love life, relationships, and compatibility with your partner.

Using the synastry chart method it is a personalized and in-depth astrological analysis that can help you gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with your partner.

This reading combines your birth chart and your partner's birth chart to evaluate the compatibility of the two individuals.

The synastry method of astrology involves analyzing the planetary positions and aspects between the two birth charts. By examining the placements of the planets, their relationships to each other, and the aspects they make, i can gain insights into the strengths and challenges of the relationship.

This analysis can also identify areas of potential growth, communication styles, and emotional needs of each partner.

It includes a detailed explanation of the strengths and challenges of your partnership, your compatibility levels, and potential areas of growth for the relationship.


It will also discuss the communication styles and emotional needs of both partners to help you understand how to navigate the relationship better.


Benefits :

It can provide validation and clarity about your relationship. Often, couples struggle to communicate effectively or understand each other's needs.

It can offer insight into the underlying dynamics of the relationship, helping each partner to better understand and empathize with the other.

Also, it can provide guidance on how to strengthen the relationship.


After you have ordered and paid for your personalized video recording :

Please fill in the information form below with the necessary details so your personalized YouTube video link can be emailed to you :


You will need to fill the information in twice.

One for your chart and one for your partners.


Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year)

Time of Birth 

Place Of Birth (City & Country)



Allow 3- 8 Days for the video link to be emailed.

Shipping & Returns

All ordered are processed between 1-2 business days and procced using stardard Australia Post shipping.

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